Kennedy meets Kermit

Kennedy meets Kermit YouTube play
Matt made this a video of Kennedy chatting with Kermit the Frog and sent it to me while I was at work. It had me laughing so hard. I love Mickey the most.

Texting with the Big Kid

So, Nivek wants a new videogame…This conversation took place over the entire course of my workday today. I don’t know if this is more of a “you had to be there” funny, but it had me crying by the end.


And with that… He’s playing Overwatch as I type. Pew pew.

Middle School Graduation

It’s crazy to think that my son has graduated middle school and off to high school next year. Parents always say how everything goes by so fast, and it’s a bit weird for me to consider that my parents once experienced these emotions in regards to me, but damn… Nivek is going to be gone before I know it. There are many big milestones for him up right around there corner; it’s hard not to try to hold on tightly to the little person that lives inside that big frame. I look up to him now with his size 10 shoes, and just hope that if nothing else, he has learned to put the cheese away. Seriously Nivek, after you make a sandwich, put the cheese away.

Adventures in Parenting and Poop

Yesterday, while I was at work, I received the following message from Matt:





How does this happen?! Part of me is confused, and the other half of me thinks: Man! She is so smart. Way to go! You could have shit anywhere kid, but you chose to go outside and drop one in the dog run. Good for you!

Here’s what happened (says the man who swears he didn’t teach her to drop her pants wherever she is standing and pee in the backyard):
So I got out of the shower yesterday afternoon, and I noticed my house was unusually quiet. Mija was at work, Nivek was at school, and I had the house with Kennedy. She was content with an afternoon snack and an episode of Care Bears, so I decided to shower before picking N up from school. Like I said, unusually quiet. It’s a scary thought when you can’t find your 2 year old. I rushed room to room. Nothing. Maybe the chicken coop or garden. Nothing. Now I’m really freaked. I didn’t even see the dogs. Worst case was her taking them for an afternoon stroll. The dog run was my last option. I saw her pants just outside of the door, and as soon as I called for her, Huck rounded the corner licking his lips like he was in trouble. Here comes Kennedy meandering behind the dogs with just her t shirt on, smelling her hand. “Eeeeewwwww stinky daddy!” Great. She was playing with poop! I went to wash her hands, and they were clean….. “Daddy, wipe myyyyyy butt!” Yup. She took a page from the dogs, and left some soft serve on the walkway of the dog run.

Need proof? I’ll just leave this here…

King’s Skate Country – Elk Grove, CA

A lot of my childhood was spent rollerskating laps at Chuck E. Cheese in Chico, CA. In fact, the first song that was ever dedicated to me was the Beach Boys “Kokomo” on the slow skate by my 5th grade boyfriend. So, of course, when I saw that King’s Skate Country in Elk Grove offers a tiny tot skate (under 8) on weekends from 10:30am – 1:00 pm, we were all in. I knew that this was probably going to be short lived, and that I would practically have to drag her around the rink (twice, if you must know), but entering these places is like entering a time capsule, and completely worth it. On the other hand, why must every rollerskating rink be left in 1975? I would bet that if someone opened a rink in an area that wasn’t completely seedy, brought it into this century and added beer, many of people would partake. As for now, I think if I wanted to film my own episode of “To Catch a Predator,” I would know exactly where I would start.

Otherwise, I think it went really well. She wasn’t particularly fond of the kangaroo mascot who was doing the hokey pokey with the kids with lights out (I cant make this shit up), but other than that, I think she liked it.

Bodysuit | American Apparel
Shorts | Zara

Sunday Farmer’s Market Flowers

Aside from the fact that I (practically) live spitting distance from the Sacramento Central Farmer’s Market (8th & W), more often than sometimes, Kennedy and I will venture over to the farmer’s market on Sunday mornings with the sole purpose of buying flowers and coming home to arrange them. Because this farmer’s market is pretty busy, and you can expect to get bumped abruptly pretty much around every turn, it definitely does not have the nice, calm, coffee-sipping feel of the smaller markets. While I do really like the broad variety of seasonal produce this farmer’s market offers, we tend to do more swearing than strolling, and just quickly head to the same few booths each time. Luckily, the best flower stand and our favorite fruit stand are on the same far end, so getting in and out quickly has become an art form.

Once we pick out our favorite bunch of flowers (15 dollars fills 2 large or 3 medium vases in our house), we head back home where it is Kennedy’s job to sort them into the vases.

This might be the truth. Kinda of. Maybe. Ish. I sort the bundle of flowers into stacks based on type, and hand her the flowers one by one while persuasively suggesting which vase each flower should go in (think: crazy micro-manager boss with the voice of your 90-year-old grandmother). Once she has all of the flowers in the vases, I might use the good ole “Look! Is that a pink elephant?! LOOOOOOOK!” so that I can perform a quick switcheroo, before helping carry them inside.

She is SUCH a great helper.

Shirt | Wren and James
Shorts | Vintage Wranglers
Monster Slippers | Carter’s