Kennedy says

K: Daddy, your hands are cold. Are you from Amartica? It’s a snowy place.

With the most serious expression… I thought she might tell me that one of he dolls had died.
K: Mom, I have confawdince.

When trying to describe something that occurred yesterday
K: Once upon a very long time ago…

Lying in bed
K: I want to be brown
K: Ray’s brown. I want to be brown like Ray. I want you, and me and… umm… I want us to be brown. Okay?
Me: Um… Well… errr… (I start talking about how everyone is unique and a little different, but she’s not really having it)
K: (Starts whimpering)
Me: (Continuing on)… But were all the same on the inside… we have bones… and red hearts… and…
K: NO MOM… I have a pink heart.
Me: umm… well, no, actually…
K: MOM… It’s PINK.
Me: Ugggh.

Kennedy meets Kermit

Kennedy meets Kermit YouTube play
Matt made this a video of Kennedy chatting with Kermit the Frog and sent it to me while I was at work. It had me laughing so hard. I love Mickey the most.

Dear Potty

Dear Potty,

I really would like to be your friend, but I am afraid I like my Mickey Mouse diapers too much. Every time my mom would put me on the big potty I would say, “No No No” and would act upset until she let me down. Then one day she came home with the floor potty. I immediately knew that I needed to go once in the big potty just so that she knows that I’m doing this on my terms. My babies really like the potty though.


Zampano Tank | Misha Lulu