Bourbon Ginger Snap Punch

Truth be told, I’m not really a big drinker these days. Even more so, I am not a big drinker of the Bourbon; however, this is one of my go to, can’t go wrong, always delicious party punch recipes. I have made this a few times now and I am always stoked on the way that it turns out. It’s not real sweet, or overwhelmed with bourbon flavor, and is primarily made with water, which somehow makes me feel better about it than a lot of other punch drinks.

2 quarts water
1 cup fresh lemon juice
1 cup honey
1 3-inch piece of ginger, peeled and sliced
6 cups orange juice
4 cups pear nectar
1 liter bourbon (I use Bulleit)
2 lemons sliced (garnish)
Ice for serving

In a large pot, 2 quarts water, lemon juice, honey, and ginger. Bring these to a boil and let simmer on medium for 5 minutes. Strain into a large bowl and let cool. (Depending on time constraints, you may want to put some ice in a large bowl and set the smaller bowl with the lemon ginger syrup in it and stir to assist in it cooling faster.) Transfer the cooled lemon-ginger syrup into a pitcher or large bowl for serving. Add orange juice, pear nectar, bourbon and lemon slices. Serve over ice.

(Original recipe can be found here)

Drink of the moment: The Moscow Mule

Anyone who has hung out with me lately know that the Moscow Mule has become my go-to drink of the summer. Last year I was all about anything cucumber, like a White Linen or a Hendrick’s Gin and Soda, but this year I think that the Mule has taken the victory. If you like a drink that is lightly-sweet and doesn’t require a lot of ingredients, this is definitely the drink for you. Not to mention, once you have the basics, you can make about 100 variations of this drink and each is a little better than the last.

Serves One

Ketel One Vodka
Bundaberg Ginger Beer
Mint (garnish)

In a mug (or glass) with ice, add two ounces of Vodka, 1/4 of a squeezed lime, and top off the rest with ginger beer. We really like Bundaberg, which is a non-alcoholic ginger beer (the red-headed step-child of root beer), but you can also use an alcoholic ginger beer like Crabbies if you’re feeling exceptionally randy. Lastly, toss in a sprig of mint, and you’re on your way to a delicious afternoon. For those who prefer bourbon, if you substitute the vodka for bourbon it’s called a “Kentucky Mule.” Similarly, you can substitute the vodka for rum and then it’s called a “dark & stormy.” Options. Options.